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Emotional Intelligence: A Workbook for your Wellbeing

Rina de Klerk-Weyer, Ronel le Roux




Human & Rousseau

Date Released:

May 2014

Price (incl. VAT):

R 355.00


Soft cover, 200pp

About this book:

Now widely recognised as a greater predictor of success in life than IQ, emotional intelligence is what enables you to build lasting, meaningful relationships and a flourishing career. Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence isn't fixed at birth - it continues to develop with life experience.

  • Know, understand and motivate yourself.
  • Learn to read, sense, appreciate and manage your interactions with other people.
  • Emotional Intelligence: A Workbook for your wellbeing is an excellent resource for understanding and raising your emotional intelligence.
  • Offers 126 easy-to-do activities to develop your EI capabilities, while taking your cognitive, physical, social and spiritual abilities into account.
  • Proven, hands-on methods for achieving personal fulfilment and professional excellence.