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Prize Winners

2022 Sunday Times Literary Award for non-fiction

The non-fiction award criteria ask that the winner should demonstrate the illumination of truthfulness, especially those forms of it that are new, delicate, unfashionable, and fly in the face of power; compassion; elegance of writing; and intellectual and moral integrity.

Wenners van Sanlampryse vir Jeuglektuur 2021 | Winners of 2021 Sanlam Prizes for Youth Literature

Sanlam en Tafelberg, ’n druknaam van NB-Uitgewers, kondig met trots die wenners van die 2021-Sanlampryse vir Jeuglektuur aan. Sanlam and Tafelberg, an imprint of NB Publishers, are proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Sanlam Prizes for Youth Literature.

2021 kykNET-Rapport-boekpryse

NB-Uitgewers spog vanjaar met twee kykNET-Rapport-wenners en die Jan Rabie-Rapportprys-wenner. Twee van die Resensiepryse vereer werk wat op NB-Uitgewers se titels gefokus het.